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9 Best 10000mAh Power Banks Under ₹1000 (2022)

Power bank becomes more powerful when not only the design comes pocket-friendly but also has major safety features for daily use.

Especially, battery built quality of power bank.

We always want to have safety concerns, no matter what the capacity power bank we have. Therefore, we recommend a multi-layer blast resistance power bank.

Lithium metal has the safest aliments considered the best in providing extra layers of protection which makes power banks a handy gadget even when you are on the go or airplane.

Sometimes, A Power Bank Can Be a Lifesaver

Original Image: We are using this power bank in our office and the response is totally outstanding. The power bank comes under 1000 rupees budget, feels grippy in hands when holding.

Image: People need quality with power, therefore, we have added one more power bank which is totally a premium power bank with 10000mAh power capacity.

We are rating Duracell a 4.3 out of 5 because of compact design. However, you may need the best power bank 20000mah in India for longer use of gadgets.

Best 10000mAh Power Bank Under 1000 in India

1. Anker PowerCore A1263G12

Price on Amazon – Editor’s choice – “Anker’s has a perfect design”

Anker PowerCore is America’s leading USB charging company known for manufacturing power banks, USB items across the world.

When we talk about lightweight that means we expect a grippy hand where the power bank fits itself. The USP of Anker is its astonishingly portable design which makes it a must buy a power bank.

Power core has a combination of voltage boost with power IQ to deliver the fastest charging but does not support Qualcomm’s quick charging option. The power bank comes with 2.4 amp fast charging which is sufficient for three & half iPhone 6s charging

Unrivaled designed comes with high-quality chips & hardware which has a multi protect safety system to safeguard you with advanced safety features.

Anker is compatible with 12-inch Macbook, Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB-charged devices except for HP touchPad, Dell venue 11 Pro, iPod nano, classic, ASUS tablets.

Best for: If you are looking for a compact size power bank Anker power core will suit them best while carrying in hand too.

2. Duracell PB10050

Price on Amazon – “Editor’s choice – Premium edition”

In the early 1940s, the company became an iconic trusted brand for making longer-lasting high-performance alkaline batteries all over the world. You will be amazed to know that NASA used Duracell batteries during the Apollo mission!

Dual charging technology that can charge the power bank and mobile or any other USB powered device simultaneously. 2X fast charging comes with 2.4 input and output to adjust the power for mobile and batteries at the same time.

Duracell claims a 10050 mAh battery that can charge iPhone 7 for five times or 72 hours extra talk or surf time but results may vary as you never get full mAh in any power bank or depends on smartphone batteries too.

Duracell has a 4 level LED indicator that shows the level of energy or backup is left in the power bank, also reminds low battery or full battery.

The pre-charged power bank comes with 10 safety features that also have flight approved or no hassle while on the go or carrying on.

NO worries, as the brand is giving 3 years of warranty for a power bank which shows the strong belief of brand on its product.

Best for: When it comes to power batteries manufacturing then Diracel is the first brand across the world. If you frequently buy only premium powered quality products then Duracell PB10050 is the clear winner.

3. Mi 2i 10000mAh

Price on Amazon – “A beast that deserves you in cheap price”

Mi Xiaomi has become the No. 1 brand in India making gadgets, mobile accessories, and much countless product power bank is one of them. Mi 2i 10,000 mAh power bank 2019 is an upgraded version of the Mi2 power bank 2018 model in the 10000 mAh segment.

For people who are looking for a quick charging power bank, Mi 2i has two ways fast charging with 18 W power which takes approx 4.5 hours to full charge with a standard USB.

Mi 2i provides total safety with 9 layers of protection built quality including temperature resistance, output overcurrent, input-overvoltage protection, incorrect insertion, power short circuit and reset mechanism.

Now talk about the design component, Mi 2i made of aluminum alloy CNC edge technology which gives optimum cutting conditions for premium design.

Mi power bank comes with Li-polymer batteries (lithium is the lightest metal used for greatest electrochemical potential) that provides the largest energy density & extra durability for charging efficiency.

Smart charging adaptability makes Mi 2i unique which can adjust of smart power between (5V/2A, 9V/ 2A, and 12V/1.5A) dual USB ports to ensure the efficient charging support function to the connected device.

Advance universal compatible design helps to charge not only mobile but also other USB enabled devices like Bluetooth speakers, earphones, fitness devices to give more usability to users.

Best for: When you on-the-go or traveling a lot you have to have a power bank that you can carry while in an airplane too, Mi 2i has high-value safety features with 9 layers of in-built protection.

4. Ambrane PP-111

Price on Amazon – “Power bank for iPhones”

In 2014, Ambrane became the first brand that launched first-ever made in India Powerbank. Ambrane capsule is the second most selling power bank on Amazon India.

ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) built quality which has no melting point provides more durability.

A portable ergonomic design with 9 layers of chipsets gives extra protection to lithium batteries.

Ambrane power bank takes 5-7 hours to get fully charged with 2A wall charger which does not support turbo or fast charging. Two USB ports 5V/2.4A gives more options to explore the usage of ports simultaneously.

In terms of compatibility, Ambrane can charge tablets, speakers, mobiles, and other USB-enabled devices which make it super useful while traveling or no power zone areas. You can charge iPhone 8 at least five times or Mi A2 for two times with maximum 8.5 mAh battery output.

Best for: If you travel sometimes or needed less charging through power banks than 10000 mAh capacity power bank will be the right choice for C type or non-C-type mobile users.

5. Stuffcool 18W

Price on Amazon – “Quick Charging Power Bank in India”

Stuffcool comes with USB C 18W PD charging technology which is faster than a normal 5W charger. Therefore, high power delivery boosts the charging time up to 70% quicker of your device.

Again, Stuffcool power bank has certification of QC3.0 technology developed by Qualcomm (an American Multinational Company). QC 3.0 technology has efficient fast charging that can charge any compatible devices with 80% quick time in 35 minutes.

10000 mAh battery can charge your iPhone Xs up to 2.6 times with a USB C cable in just 1.4 hours. Quick charging 3.0 micro USB input helps the power bank to get a full charge in less than 4 hours.

You get two QC3.0 output ports and one PD 18W Type C 3.0A output charging port that gives multiple choices to users.

Stuffcool comes with BIS certification that ensures safety against overvoltage protection. Also, you will get more than 500 times charge/discharge battery life cycle.

Best for: Stuffcool power bank will suit you if you are looking for a quick charge technology that can boost the charging time as faster than any other power bank.

6. Philips DLP9001NB

Price on Amazon – “Philip’s Best Slim Power Bank”

Philips power bank comes with an extra sturdy grade of plastic body with portable size. You will love the ways Philips DLP9001NB has designed with extra slim sharp long best for grip.

In terms of battery Philips also making lithium polymer 10,000mAh battery capacity power bank with an LED light indicator that denotes the power left in the battery.

You don’t get C type input for power bank charging so power bank takes a longer time to get charge. You can charge the devices with all types of USB cables including ac cables.

Best for: There are many other power banks that come with the same features in the market. Few users trust the Philips brand when it comes to power equipment.

7. iBall LPS

Price on Amazon – “Power bank  for Android Devices”

iBall LPS is the best portable power bank under Rs. 1000 in India which has approx 200 grams weight comes with 10000 mAh power bank is compatible with the majority of android & ios devices including tablets, speakers, and USB-enabled devices.

Dual 2.4A USB output ports enable you to provide an adaptive charging across multiple devices. Features like quick charging do not come with an iBall power bank.

Powerbank has an input LED indicator with dual input micro & C-type which are compatible with the latest generation of devices. You can charge any other mobile in turbo modes as well.

iBall power bank made with 9 layers of device protection against electric irregularities and user safety.

Best for: Users who love lightweight sleek design power bank iBall LSP holds 4 ratings out of 5 as value for money option.

8. Morui AchhaGo

Price on Amazon

Morui 10 Power bank is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery which can boast up not only a smartphone but also digicam, tab, and USB supported devices.

Powerbank surely astounds you with its rectangle looks and charging capacity. The digital display brings you battery notification on the power bank itself that makes it more user-friendly.

One of the smartest features like 9 layers protection, ABS & PC plastic body ensures extra safety that’s why we put Morui power bank over Syska and other top brands.

Best for: We have seen a good response for Morui 10 power bank and the best cheap power bank in India.

9. Samsung EB-P1100

Price on Amazon

People love Samsung for making quality tech products and the power bank has proven unmatched built quality. Samsung 10000 mAh power bank has two USPs one is the best battery life & second fast-charging power capacity.

Samsung power bank can sustain a maximum rate of charging with different compatible devices like 3.5V, 5V, 9V, or 15V, as the higher V devices you connect with a power bank you get less total charging time.

Now coming to the design first, very sleek design with silver color with 222 g weight is easy to carry for outing purposes. The metallic finish and handheld design can easily fit in your pocket too.

10000 mAh lithium metal battery is built with light metal which gives lightning-fast charging technology for any power bank, takes 4-5 hours to get a full charge.

Samsung EB model comes with multiple fast charges- in and out ports so you can connect two devices simultaneously without compromising charging at the same time.

Best for: Simply, people who have trust in Samsung, used few products earlier based on that response you can go with Samsung power bank but we are recommending based on facts a total value for money product.

Why You Need a 10,000 mAh Power Bank?

1. Battery Capacity

Today, most of the mobiles are coming with 4000 mAh batteries which are long-lasting during the day and a half sometimes. In such a case, 10000 mAh power bank will be enough for your device that can charge 1.5 to 2 times for 2-3 days long-lasting.

2. Remote Areas

In India, when electricity has not touched everywhere in the country buying a power bank becomes a necessity for a few people. Most of the employees commute home on weekends needed the power bank at least 10000 mAh to face low battery issues during that time.

3. Everyday Commute

If you are a daily commuter who travels 2-4 hours every day then a 10K mAh power bank is more than enough. You can buy 10000 mAh power bank which is hard to consume before or after office hours.

4. Emergency Use

You may face any emergency kind of situation where a power bank can be a lifesaver. Always carry any of the power banks in your bag no matter what type of devices you have but a gadget like a power bank will not lose its charm.

Myths About 10,000 mAh Battery

You have to understand that 10000 mAh battery is best suited with 3.7-volt devices only. If you are charging 5-volt devices with 10000 mAh battery then you will get around 7500 mAh power out and 4000 maA with 9V device.

That might happen due to the heating factor that reduces the juice while charging. Power bank generates heat which lowers the conversion rate by 2% to 10% of the capacity of the voltage converter.

Equation is 3.7 into 1000 per voltage = Final mAh capacity.

Got complicated?

The final outcome is that you will get 7400 mAh @ 5 volts device, 4100 mAh @ 9 volts device, and 10000mAh if you use 3.7 volts devices with your power bank.

At any point in time, you feel that 10000mAh won’t enough as per your daily use then move to the best power bank in India with 20000mah battery capacity.


Most of the brands are making power banks with higher safety features & built quality.

Still, changes you may get confused with your final decision.

Therefore, you must read the buying guide too that will lead you to the right choice.

Mi2i, Ambrane, Anker, and Duracell are the best out of the given list. Still, you can go by brand, by functions, and by features to make sure you know what power bank you are buying.

And, differentiate them by built-up features, for example, quick charging, portability, C-Type, or any other added quality.

Please comment on which power bank you have bought?

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