7 Best Earphones Under ₹1000 in India (2022) | Wired IEMs

While searching for the best earphone under 1000 rupees, we observed that the many sound lovers are confused between headphones and IEMs wired earphones.

However, the earphones have a different way of sound engineering like noise cancellation, easy to carry buds, and compatibility with smartphones.

best earphone under 1000 in india

Having a thousand rupees budget, you can buy a super quality earphone but not possibly a headphone.

We doubt many questions about sound quality, cord length, mic, and the jack type in an earphone. On that basis, we have listed the best earphones below 1000 rupees in India, which have sound bass, ambient, mid- noise cancellations features that allow you to enjoy the music on the go.

Important update: Our team has recently bought a JBL earphone under 1000 category.

Which has;

  • Extra deep bass
  • Universal compatibility with remote
  • Noise cancellation with 3.5mm jack
  • Ergonomic design
  • One-click Google assistant
  • Premium metallic finish
  • One year’s warranty

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rupees 1000 earphone in India

This earphone is truly No. #1 choice for JBL Harman fans. We have collected seven best headsets below 1000 bucks. What we liked the most in JBL is the real bass. However, the Sony MDR EX155 (with mic) has a healthy competition with Sennheiser (without mic) in terms of music and the sound quality.

Best Earphone Under 1000 in India

#1. Sony MDR (EX155 AP)

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired/Bluetooth | Headphone Type: Closed Dynamic | Frequency: 5Hz-24,000Hz | Sensitivity: 103dB/mW | Cord Length: 1.2 meters | Plug: L-shaped gold plated | Wearing Style: In-ear (Y- type) | Jack: 3.5mm

Have you ever heard someone praising Sony sound bass when a discussion is going around you? Sony MDR is budget-friendly earbuds with unmatched in-ear audio quality under 1000 rs.

sony earphone under 1000

Sony MDR EX-155AP is an upgraded version of Sony MDR Ex-150AP in-ear headphones with mic and in-line remote that not just helps you take calls but also to jump right back into the music track when the call is over.

Sony wired earphones to have a 9mm dynamic neodymium driver unit (vocal coil), which converts the electric pulses into output sound through the headphone. The bigger the driver unit you get, the higher output of sound. Frequency response is around 5Hz, which keeps the balances of the volume of the bass, middle, or treble throughout music play.

Sony wired in-ear headphones come with tangle-free cable and multiple vivid colour combinations, which is a common feature in any best-wired earphone.

When it comes to comparison with sound quality, sensitivity, or sound pressure helps to measure the difference. Sony EX-155 earphones have a 103dB/mW higher sensitivity rating that can handle the significant amount of power as audio impedance.

Things to consider

  • Three sizes extra secure-fitting silicone earbuds for long-listening comfort
  • Gives you one year of warranty
  • In-air mic for hands-free calling plus volume control
  • Balanced sound features included
  • Feels lightweight for ultimate music mobility on the go
  • Metallic finish housing with wire manager

Best for: Whether you have a MacBook, laptop, or mobile device, if any of them has a 3.5mm jack, you can buy Sony’s best wired earphone below 1000 budget, a decent deal!

#2. Mi Dual Driver Earphone w

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Super Dynamic | Frequency: Upto 24,000Hz | Sensitivity: 103dB/mW | Cord Length: 1.25 meters | Plug: L-shaped gold | Wearing Style: In-ear (Y- type) | Jack: 3.5mm | Driver Size: Dual Drivers

By seeing the popularity of Mi phones we had to choose at least one earphone for our users. Mi 25009 dual-driver earphone is the first choice on Amazon.

mi earphone under 1000

Dynamic dual-driver plus another single driver delivers a high-quality sound experience. The single driver basically does not focus on fids & highs in the sound while dual drivers ensure low distortion of a sound frequency plus mids and highs.

That means you get the complete sound. Frequency sparkles the guitars and leads solos. However, clear mid-sound offers the best instrumental separation. You can listen to each and every element of sound while playing music.

Mi dual driver in-ear with mic earphones are magnetic earbuds that enhance not only the design but keep them tangle-free and organized while using any gadget.

You get a 1.25-meter long cord along with anti-slip earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. Ninety degrees close-fitting 3.5mm jack is compatible with almost every smartphone.

Three-button remote comes with a long press of the play/push button to trigger the voice assistant. You get high definition audio quality with crisp vocals and rich bass.

Things to consider

  • Passive noise cancellation helps crowded area talks
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • The dual-frequency range for better sound quality
  • High-end vocals while listening to music
  • Single touch voice assistant
  • In-ear headphones with mic
  • Fingerprint resistant and lightweight
  • The best earphone for PubG gaming
  • We give 9 out of 10 in terms of sound and bass

Best for: If you love to keep the Mi brands only then here is the best Mi earphons in rupees 1000 only.

#3. JBL (C200SI and C100SI)

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Ergonomic Dynamic Design | Frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz | Sensitivity: 100dB | Cord Length: 1.2 meters | Wearing Style: In-ear | Jack: 3.5mm Gold Plated | Driver Size: 9mm

JBL C220SI vs. JBL C100SI, A.R. Rahman has promoted JBL Harman signature sound systems with two versions of earbuds for 1000 rs in India. However, there are many verdicts about the JBL brand and built up quality; let’s find it out.

jbl earphone under 1000

JBL C100SI and C200Si both have angled in-ear design for a premium metallic finish, but the significant difference between them is “sound”. C200SI has a bit of an increased tribe; however, C100SI has a deep bass sound. You have to decide what you like to hear between “table and bass” when using an earphone.

The sound quality is evident and crisp. Mid and treble are reasonable compared to bass. A series of JBL earphones give the full audio output when you have an Android device, not IOS.

Things to consider

  • Single universal remote button for managing calls and music
  • In-built noise isolation mic
  • JBL has a pure bass sound system
  • “OK Google” voice assistant for Android devices- long-press needed
  • Metal-based material gives extra straight for even for rough use
  • Compatible with laptops, computers, mobiles, and tablets with 3.5mm jack

Best for: If you love high side loud and clear sound, then C200SI is the best choice, if not, then C100SI is there for high base sound. However, if you do not need a mic, then Sennheiser is the best one for you.

There is not such a big difference in built-up material and quality between C200SI vs. C100SI. C100SI has an extra edge based on many user experiences, so you can also go with C100SI as an audience poll.

#4. Sennheiser (CX213 and C180)

Price on Amazon

Mic: Without Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Transducer Principle Dynamic | Frequency: 25Hz-20,000Hz | Sensitivity: 115dB | Cord Length: 1.2 meters | Plug: L-shaped | Wearing Style: In-ear | Jack: 3.5mm

Sennheiser C213 vs. Sennheiser CX180, Before the launch of CX213 Sennheiser earphone, CX180 was in trending and one of the most selling headsets in India. CX180 has a bit increased base, but the CX213 upgraded version has higher sound clarity than the older version.

sennheiser earphone under 1000

When it comes to sound quality, CX213 has 115dB sensitivity and up to 20000Hz frequency, which is the most crucial point when buying Sennheiser earphones. The sound delivery is so powerful that you can’t beat the detailed mids, bass, and the treble in stereos in-ear.

You get finger controlled housing with an asymmetrically designed cable that helps to listen to music for long hours while travelling. Anyone who is gaming enthusiastic won’t regret as the Sennheiser Cx213 has a well-optimized quality for your portable gaming systems, MP3 players, and smartphones.

High passive attenuation ambient noise helps you listen to the background music played in a song. You will fall in love with CX213 Sennheiser headphones if you are an ambient noise music lover. Considerably best for singers for practising.

Things to consider

  • Equipped to produce high power bass stereo sound
  • Designed to minimize ear-canal fatigue pressure points
  • Give you a balanced audio experience for long listening sessions
  • Best in comparison with Skullcandy earphones under 1000 rupees
  • The price might be an issue
  • Sennheiser has no mic so make sure you know it and buying purposely

Best for; Immense sound quality, especially extra bass and ambience noise, is the best for gyming, morning walk, biking, or hiking around the town.

Users have complained about the price hike as CX180 is a bit cheaper than CX213. However, the user experience with CX180 and CX213 is less.

#5. 1More E1009

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Hybrid | Frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz | Sensitivity: 100dB/mW | Cord Length: 1.25 meters | Wearing Style: In-ear | Jack: 3.5mm Gold Plated | Driver Size: 10mm

1More Hear More is one of the best headphone brands all over the world but also a less known brand in India. SV Piston fit is the number one selling earphone that has gained trust in the last two years.

1more earphone under 1000

First of all, 1More has an in-line microphone that is fully compatible with IOS and Android devices like the iPad or iPhone. If you are looking for a sound like sizzling highs, powerful bass, and present mid.

We are emphasizing on 1More brand because 1More has collaborated with a Grammy award-winning sound engineer who put all the effort to deliver a precise tuning for your ears, sounds good!

A 10mm dynamic driver helps to balance vocal, lyrics, and bass quality. You can enjoy every song with profound sonic clarity. 1More piston-fit earphone comes with 45 degrees of angled design, and lightweight housing keeps your ear on the comfort level even after a long time.

Things to consider

  • Without cross talks, you can take the calls
  • Pistons are highly durable
  • MEMS microphone
  • Copper wrapped around the Kevlar to increase the sound quality
  • You won’t get the water-resistant options
  • Don’t wear on wet ears, avoid twisting of cord and keep the sockets clean
  • Impedance sensitivity of speakers is great
  • You can use 1More with laptops and almost all 3.5mm jack gadgets

Best for: When it comes to a brand who has collaborated with Grammy award winner, then something is there called “Sound engineering” in your mind.

#6. Realme Buds

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Average | Sensitivity: 100dB | Cord Length: 1.2 meters | Wearing Style: In-ear | Jack: 3.5mm | Driver Size: 11.2mm

Realme has recently jumped in the Indian market with multiple variations of products like earbuds, power banks, and smartphones.

realme earphone under 1000

The best feature we observed in Realme buds is inbuilt magnets, which keep the buds organized. We highly recommend the Realme buds if you are searching for cheap and average quality earphones.

Realme earphones come with 11.2mm drivers, which is a useful feature. You can expect that the bass will not disappoint you for sure. However, the sound and ambience noises feel average in use.

We give eight out of ten in design as Realme buds 2 has excellent durability of a mic, cable quality, volume control button, and 3.5mm jack. Noise cancellation in Realme buds helps to isolate the outside noise.

Things to consider

  • Realme earphones have inbuilt magnets
  • Good looking TPU cable
  • Direct voice assistant
  • Average earbuds for daily use
  • Bass is deep
  • A tangle-free cord with cable manager
  • Premium design earphone for laptops and smartphones
  • Six months warranty

Best for: Are you looking for cheap in-ear headphones or sometimes we need to have at least a pair so we can use them anytime then Real me buds 2 is the right choice which is very reasonable in price terms.

#7. boAt BassHeads 100

Price on Amazon

Mic: With Microphone | Connector: Wired | Headphone Type: Dynamic Design | Frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz | Sensitivity: 100dB | Cord Length: 1.2 meters | Wearing Style: In-ear | Jack: 3.5mm Angled | Driver Size: 10mm

boAt’s Mumbai Indians limited-edition earphone comes with HD sound quality. 120cm super coated cable with 3.5mm jack. Headsets specifically designed to handle the extra-base that allows you to carry the momentum of enjoyment.

boat earphone under 1000

The boAt has the favour of many users who believe the brand blindly, but if we talk about the sound, then it is an average sound quality earphone, not a premium one. However, the base is so good.

boAt earphones allow you not only the music but also hands-free calls when you are on the phone. If we talk about compatibility, then you need not worry boAt Basehead 100 gets plugged with almost all the devices which have a 3.5mm jack.

Things to consider

  • Premium HD superior sound
  • Mumbai Indians styles in-ear headphone limited edition
  • Designed for bass
  • Music get hoarse at the highest volume
  • Comes with multiple colours combination

Best for: Many of you must be cricket lovers so if you love and support Mumbai Indians then you can have at least a single pair for your gadget bank, why not!

Buying Guide for Earphones Below 1000 Rupees

Compatibility with devices

When you have selected an earphone, then the second step is to know whether the headset is compatible with the devices you already have because of many times, that creates an issue. Most earphones have universal compatibility so you can connect any of the methods.

Jack Size

You have to make sure you are using a 3.5mm jack device; if not, you also have to buy a connector. What happens is you have a C-type jack, and you buy a 3.5mm jack for such devices that you get to know later.

In such cases where you have picked the best one, but the jack is not compatible with your device. You can buy a connector or buy an earphone which has C-type or IOS type connectors.

Sound Selection

Many of the users are not aware of the sound quality until or unless they use it themselves. You can go through our guide to select the earphone on the bases of -Ambient, Mid, Bass, and Treble. If you like Ambient or bass sounds, then headsets must have both elements, preferably.

Use Equalizers

Music is something that has many elements. Nowadays, smartphones have equalizer features that can differentiate the sound and the music as per your choice.

If the sound does not feel good, you must try these equalizers to keep the music aligned for your ears.

Keep the Earphones organized

If you are putting money, why not keep our gadgets safe, too, so it is advisable to keep your earphones organized after listening to music on your phone.

Sometimes the cord gets tangled and stretched. In such a case, you not just lose the quality but also the life of an earphone for good sound.


We highly recommend Sony MDR EX 155 earphones for a thousand rupees budget. However, If your like JBL brand then C100SI will be the right one for you.

  • Sony MDR EX155AP

When it comes to budget friendly low priced earphones then Realme and boAt are the best cheap in-ear buds under rupees 1000 in India.

  • Realme Budds
  • boAt Bassheads 100

We recommend you to buy Sennheiser CX213 not because you won’t get in-built mic but for a pure sound quality.

  • Sennheiser CX213

Last not the least, if you are using Apple devices you can go with a piston-based earphones. 1More E1009 comes in the premium earphone recommended by many reviewers on YouTube.

  • 1MORE E1009-SV Piston

The core purpose of having an earphone is to get the true sound quality so you can enjoy whatever you listen on your gadgets.

Which one have you bought? Provide your comments!

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