9 Best Power Banks 20000mah in India (2022) | Long Hours Backup!

​Before we jump into the list of the best 20000mAh power bank, let me tell you the facts, there are very few brands that are building right quality power banks with high-end manufacturing standards.

Build-up quality, size compatibility, and especially USB jacks measurement are not up to mark. In comparison with bands like Anker and Mi2i, we found these power banks at the top.

best 20000mah power bank in India

However, if you are not going to buy dozens of power banks, then buy a good one for your gadget bank.

However, we also have a list of best Indian power bank, so if you need a portable and small power bank, you can make your mind, but for a longer battery backup, you have to have at least 20k power bank.

Best Power Bank 20,000mAh in India

#1. Anker PowerCore

Price on Amazon – “Editor’s Best choice 2020”

Battery Capacity: 20100mAh | Weight: 181g| Charging Type: Fast charging | Full Charge Time: 10 Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones & tables | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: A1271H12 | USB support: Micro USB with Standard Cable

If you are looking for a high-end power bank, then Anker would be my first choice. Anker power core 2100 is a fast-charging power bank that has the capacity to charge the iPad mini twice.


anker powercore 20100 power bank

Anker power core takes around 10 hours to recharge with 2 amp cable; you can use fast charging adaptors too, which takes less time to get a full charge of the power bank.

Powercore is portable in size, which is hardly equivalent to sunglasses. Consumers who have used Anker claims that power bank gets very fewer scratches even with rough use of power bank.

Premium design, not just the best part; the overall safety standards are also great that got certified, so you need not worry about safety issues while using the power bank as well.

You get 4.8A output, 2 USB ports, power ICQ, and voltage boost combination that delivers high-end performance according to correct output to the connected devices.

Best for: Anker, which is America’s number one power bank brand that ensures you do not lose the trust, and they are giving the 18 months to prove themself as a warranty.

#2. Mi 2i

Price on Amazon – “Best Selling Power Bank in India under 20000mah Rupees”

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 440g| Charging Type: Quick charging | Full Charge Time: 9-10 Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: PB20IZM| USB support: Micro USB with Standard Cable

As soon as you unbox the Mi 2i first thing, you will notice the weight that is super lightweight compared to other power banks. Portable size makes the power bank handy and easy to grip in one hand, also easy to carry with your phone even in your pocket.


You get two USB-A ports that can support 18W fast charging. You can charge two devices simultaneously using these USB-A ports. You get the support of Qualcomm 3.0 super-fast charging technology if you charge your mobile device with single port use only.

Features like low power charging mode make Mi2i power bank more unique. You can charge low powered devices like mi headphones or mi band by just pushing low power charging mode.

Along with 20000 mAh huge lithium battery power bank also ensure safety with nine additional safety layers protection. So you do not need to worry about the temperature resistance or short circuits you can carry even while you are in flight too.

Best for: No doubt, Mi2i has gained the number #1 position in the best selling power bank category. You can trust the power bank based on fan following, well Mi2i is not Type-C but, still, you can use the same if you have type-C cable because the power bank comes with a standard USB cable.

#3. Ambrane Stylo

Price on Amazon – “Best Indian Manufacturer 20000mah Power Bank”

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 372g| Charging Type: Normal charging | Full Charge Time: 10-12 Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones including iPhone | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: Stylo-20K | USB support: Micro USB with Standard Cable

Ambrane is an Indian manufacturer who has upgraded the latest version to Stylo -20K this year. Ambrane does not support Qualcomm high speed charging where you get your device charged at a higher rate.

ambrane stylo power bank

Ambrane charges the device at normal speed with a higher current for your device. However, the full charging time of the Ambrane power bank is about 10-12 hours. You can put your power bank on charging at night could be the right approach to get 100 per cent charged by the morning you wake up.

Power cords have issues with charging multiple devices. There are two USB ports that support 5V/2.1A charging simultaneously. For your information, you get two power options, one for Type-C another for micro USB cable.

Best for: If we compare Ambiance with Anker and Mi2i, then obviously not that much good but who loves to buy made in India product can go for it.

#4. Coolnut 53

Price on Amazon – Best Quick Charging Power Bank 20000mah in India

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 372g| Charging Type: Qualcomm quick charging | Full Charge Time: 6 Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium Ion| Model: CMPBAND-53| USB support: Type-C USB plus standard cable

Nevertheless, Anker is the best in design and performance, but Coolnut power bank 20,000mah has a true quick charging power bank that can charge up within 6 hours.

Coolnut 53 20K powerbank

With Coolnut you get no issues about Type-c, standard cable, or device type because you can charge an apple device. You see fast micro input, latest design with one year of warranty, so you see an issue, please get it fixed with customer care services.

You will be happy to know Coolnut is a Made in India BIS approved power bank. Qualcomm 3.0 quick charging, ABS plus plastic body, which can take input in many ways, including 5V/3A and 12V/1.5A. Also, Coolnut has a quick charging option from both outputs.

Best for: If you want a quick charging power band with Qualcomm technology that means a super-fast power bank for your smart gadgets, then Coolnet has those features.

#5. Intex PBA

Price on Amazon – Best Intex 20000mah Power Bank in India

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 395g| Charging Type: Normal charging | Full Charge Time: 8Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: IT-PBA 20K Poly | USB support: Standard USB cable

Intex IT PBA comes with a BIS certified built-in Li-Polymer battery 20,000 mAh capacity. Apart from the higher change retention, the battery is slimmer and lighter, which takes eight hours to be fully charged.

intex pba power bank

Intex 20000mah power bank supports various gadgets, for example, digital cameras, tablets, and smartphones. Any device which has a standard charging jack Intex power bank can charge it up.

When you are holding many accessories in your gadget bank, then Intex comes with many colour options with classy designs, you get to see a charging indicator as well.

Now comes to safety concerns, Intex has almost all safety measures where the most important is the overcharge, over-discharge and short circuits.

Best for: Intex 20000mAh power bank has established a strong brand in India and selling power banks at a reasonable price.

#6. Lapguard LG803

Price on Amazon – Best 20000mAh Power Bank with Torch

Battery Capacity: 20800mAh | Weight: 440g| Charging Type: Q 3.0 charging | Full Charge Time: 8Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium-Ion | Model: LG803 | USB support: Micro standard USB cable

Lapguard is well known as made in India power bank, which comes with six months of manufacturer warranty. You see a very stylish four LED indicator on the top of the lap guard power bank.

lapguard 20000mah power bank

You can charges a 4000mAh battery mobile at least four times and 3000mAh battery approx five times which is more than enough still you have extensive use of mobile. the long-lasting portable battery can be a companion to you while travelling for sure.

Lapguard has ABS frame with three-point USB charging ports. Many of you must search a power bank with LED flashlight then Lapguard equips a flashlight on the upper top layers.

If we talk about compatibility then Lapguard has more user-friendly compatible with Apple and Android devices, one micro USB input too.

Best for: Many users ask us we need a power bank with LED flashlight then Lapguard is best for them and they should not waste their time thinking, just go for it.

#7. Zinq Z20KP

Price on Amazon

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 349g| Charging Type: Fast charging | Full Charge Time: 9 Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: Z20KP | USB support: Micro USB cable

Zinq has less known power bank brand in India. but it is a good option when you need the best power bank under 1000 rupees approx. Zinc claims that Z20 has the capability to charges iPhone over 9 times which is huge.

zinq z20 power bank

Such a cheap budget Zinq power bank has the latest features and one of them is ultra-fast charging. 5V/9V extra fast charging of power bank supports Qc 3.0/ Qc 2.0 and PD 3.0/2.0, which means you can charge all type of gadgets.

Despite such a wonderful fast charging option, Zinq gets charged itself within 6 hours. The portable lightweight ergonomic structure has a matte finish that is suitable for Samsung galaxy all branded mobile too.

After all 20000mah batter can make any power bank uneasy to hold, You should not be amazed to see if you feel it a bit heavier to hold in hand.

Best for: You can charge a MacBook pro apple device using a type-c cable which is very good when you don’t carry your MacBook charger. Therefore, Zinq is the best 20000mAh power bank under 1000 budget.

#8. Syska Power Core 200

Price on Amazon – Best Syska Power Core 20000mAh Power Bank

Battery Capacity: 20000mAh | Weight: 395g| Charging Type: Normal charging | Full Charge Time: 8Hours | Compatibility: All smartphones | Battery Cell: Lithium polymer | Model: P2006J-BK | USB support: Standard USB cable

Syska needs no introduction for its recognization. 5V quick charging option in both input and output which means the power bank not only charges the device faster even itself gets charged faster too.

syska powercore

Two way fast charging with Micro USB and type-C dual input charing give you numerous options you can charge wireless headphones, camera, MP2/Mp4 player, iPods all android, and apple devices.

Multi-protection circuits prevent from power short circuits damages, current volage. Syska has smart IC and sophisticated current shunt systems that help over-voltage heating issues when putting on charge.

Best for: Let me tell you If you are looking for a cheap power bank with a known brand name then only you should go with Syska Power core 200 otherwise top four recommendations we mentioned above are highly approachable.

Best for: Syska lovers are everywhere who use Syska they trust their band. in recent times Syska has gained huge trust from Indians.

#9. Ambrane Type C

Price on Amazon – Best 15000mAh Power Bank in India

We had to add an Ambrance power bank in our 20000mAh list of power banks because many times users ask for a recommendation for a power bank between 10000mAh to 20000mAh battery.

On their demand, we have added Ambrance 15000mAh power bank. Easy to carry, and type-C powerful charing option that charges iPhone 8 for five times approx.

ambrane type c power bank

Modelled in U-shape with 325 grams in size a super slim power bank is compatible when you do outdoor visits. Nine layers of advanced protection make it powerful from inside but scratchless durable rubberized body helps you too from any unwanted damages.

Durable 15000mAh polymer battery counts in premium power bank in India under 1000 budget. You see four battery indicators where each light shows a 25 per cent battery backup that helps you for counting the remaining backup left.

The company claims that a 15000mAh power battery needs only 10 hours approx to get the power bank full charge with a 2A wall charger which is not bad at all.

Best for: For many reasons, we had to bring Ambrance 15000mAh power bank in the 20000mAh power bank list because this is best for those who love to hold a lightweight U shape power bank.

Buying Guide for 20000mAh Power Bank

#1. Power Bank Color

The black colour observed high sunlight heats from the environment while a white or different colours help to bypass the heating issue. Make sure you are not buying a black colour power bank, still the grey is good to go.

#2. Output Received from a Power Bank

The power consumed by any device depends on the capacity of the battery. If you are charging 9V or 5 V device then obviously you will not get the proper charging rate. As per tests done by many users, you will get 15000- 17000mAh battery if you charge a device which consumes high voltage like camera, MacBook and etc.

#3. Do Really Need a 20000mAh Power Bank

When you are looking for a 20000 mah power bank you must ask one question to yourself “Why you need 20000mah power bank?”. Sometimes the 10000mah capacity bettery power bank are good as per usages. You must buy at least a best power bank under 1000 rupees with premium quality.

In case you use multiple gadgets like mini laptops, Mac Book, iPad, or cameras then you must opt for 20000mah capacity power bank only.


Having lots of choices confuse us but its good that we get to see different technology upgrade in different gadgets.

In recent time power bank has become a necessity for traveller especially who commute on a regular basis.

Out of our nine best power banks with 20000mAh capacity we are rating them in order. If you can spend a good amount of money on a premium quality power bank then Ancor PowerCore is the number one choice.

Mi2i holds the second rank, the biggest reason is Mi2i retains its level even rough use for daily life. You can use Mi2i if you are daily users who keep using power bank every day then Mi2i is highly recommended.

Well, you should keep in mind that you are putting money for something that you are not gonna regret later. We have personally reviewed some of our recommendations and you can trust.

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