9 Best WiFi Routers Under ₹1000 in India (2020) | Reviews & Guide

Finding the best wifi router under 1000 can be worthy in terms of saving money as well as the usability of smart devices.

Buying a cheap wifi router under 1000 rupees does not mean that you are going to get something inferior-quality product!

best wifi routers under 1000

Never the less, a cheap router can also deliver the speed that our internet service provider offers. They offer plans between 25 Mpbs to 100 Mbps for the home in India.

Though, you have to look after the necessary factors that affect Wi-Fi signals inside your home.

you will get around 300 Mbps speed in all the routers under this category.
The maximum internet connectivity that covers would be around 80-100 meters. That means you can get connected across a 30 ft radius around the router is fixed.
Genuinely, we consider TP-link the most trusted and tested brand all around the world. D-link and Netgear are two brands that compete back to back. MI (Xioami) has also launched a brand new wifi router under 1000 which is gaining good support of Indian consumers.

Now, let’s dive into the in-depth analysis of the wireless router that we consider the best routers below 1000 in India. Also, we have a real-life scenario of a user who is using a TP-link router under 1000 for office use.

Best Wireless Routers Below ₹1000

#1. TP-Link (WR841N) WiFi Router

Price on Amazon – Most Rewarded Wireless Router

TP-link WR841N is one of the companies who manufactures the best wireless routers under Rs 1000 budget. In past years TP-Link has been awarded by many big tech magazines like PC3, C-Net, and Digit.

tp link WR841N

Things to Consider

TP-Link N300 WR 841 N comes with 4 Ethernet ports that enable you high speed wired connection across laptop or desktop.

This Wi-Fi router comes with a 4GHz guest network that allows easy and separate access for guest accounts while securing the home network separately.

As mentioned about speed which is 300Mbps brings undisturbed steaming over different connections. You get bandwidth allocation control which means you can transmit the maximum amount of data on your preferred devices over network or internet.

Provide limited access to other users for different websites or the internet using parental control. WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) helps to make connections faster & easier and enable wireless network encryption with the WPA Personal/WPA2 Personal security protocols.

Double antenna increases the range as well as the speed with your hosting devices. Also, works excellent with most of the ISPs including Hathway, Airtel (broadband + Fiber net)

Best for: The most reviewed TP-Link N300 router reasonable covers 10-12 meters radius with the highest range and 35-40 meters at the lowest range of internet.

#2. TP-Link (WR845N) Wireless Router

Price on Amazon – The Editor’s Best Choice Award

TP-Link has done major upgrades in various models in terms of performance built up, price range and design.  TP-Link WR845 comes with the latest upgrades compare to its previous models.tp link WR845N wireless router

Things to Consider

A separate guest network (2.4GHz Guest Network x1) is given which means one more point that provides access to the internet, not your own home network.

Both the protocols support for IPv4 and IPv6 are there so you get the latest software specifications.

WR845 has the strongest software features like firewall security, access control, VPN pass-through, port forwarding, management, and bandwidth control.

Wireless features like the frequency of 2.4835 GHz that is the highest frequency of internet received, signal rates are also high which is near about 300 Mbps and wireless security (WPA2-PSK) function.

Hardware dimensions include 3*5dBi fixed omnidirectional antenna for better connectivity, IEEE 802.11b wireless standards, reset and WPS button, 9VDC / 0.6A power supply that means the greatest grades in terms of hardware enhancement.

TP-Link- 845 is a better version compare to WR-841 but price sometimes varies between 1000-1500 on e-commerce websites.

Built with 4 LAN interface and 1 WAN port, you will also get a WAN wire inside the box too.

The best feature is the TP-Link Tether App that allows quick installation and overall app management systems through your mobile device. You can control most essential features and bandwidth control across different devices through this app.

Best for: TP-Link WR845 covers 1000-1100 sq. ft. or 30-40 ft. with full wifi signals without dropping any bar of on your device and if you are looking for a wider range, you must go with 3 antenna router.

#3. TP-Link (WR820N) Wireless Router

Price on Amazon – Cheapest Router for Home Internet

TP-Link WR820 model is one of the cheapest routers under 1000 in India. However, TP-Link WR845 is a more advanced version compared to the WR820.

tp link WR820N wireless router

Things to Consider

WR 820 has two LAN ports and 1 WAN port for wired connections that enhance wireless transmission via PCs with high-speed internet through LAN cable.

This model has IEE 802.11b/g/n and all the latest software upgrades which helps to gain maximum internet coverage around the corners.

2.4GHz Guest Network x1 helps to define a separate network for the guest, firewall security feature and access control gives more safety on your home network.

300 Mbps speed connectivity function is more than you imagine as most of the IPs (Internet services providers) come with normally 25-50 Mbps plans for home use.

The overall speed of downloading and HD video streaming depends on your internet plans, router helps to enhance its frequency and given speed to your devices only.

The most beautiful ergonomic shape and premium texture prevents heat up issues

Wireless security encryption can be enabled with the WPS button with a single touch which is also an updated feature.

IPv6 is one of the latest IP protocol which helps to exchange information about connected networks.

Best for: TP-Link WR820 can deliver up to 40 to 45 Mpbs speed out of 50 Mbps speed plan that means quite reasonable for the cheapest router under 1000 budget considered the best for daily use.

#4. TP-LINK (WR840N) Wireless Router

Price on Amazon – Strongly Recommended for Small Office

TP-Link WR840 has the most essential model by TP-Link. TP-Link WR840 is known for steady signals even with a 25Mbps internet plan as it supports the range extender method to increase the actual transatlantic coverage.

tp link WR840N wireless router

Things to Consider

Wi-fi protected setup button ensures wpa2 encryptions that prevent the network from outside intrusions to make it safe for a home connection.

CCA Technology – Stable Wireless Signals with advanced wireless performance becomes ideal for streaming HD quality video, voip, and online gaming.

Sleek fashionable exterior model comes with 3 years warranty from TP-link that gives the boost in the trust of the brand on its products.

TP-LINK Tether App allows you to manage your network parental control that allows parents or administrators to establish limited access systems for children or staff in the office.

Helps in managing bandwidth sensitive tasks with 300 Mbps with wireless transmission rate.

There are no worries about fireworks as everything is managed through brower for its own, very easy to install.

You can connect it with wireless CCTV as well.

IP based bandwidth control option is there for you to determine bandwidth should be allotted to each PC or device.

RJ45 is best for fiber connections and not for DSL routers.

Best for: TP-Link WR840 is a must buy a router for home use that will allow the ideal signals near about 30 to 38 meters which is good for a home connection. Duel antennas can easily handle upto 150 Mbps speed connections.

#5. Tenda – N301 Wireless Router

This is the best router

tenda N301 wireless router


#6. Tenda- F3 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router

This is the best router

tenda F3 300mbps wireless router


#7. D-Link DIR-615 Wireless Router

This is the best router

d-link DIR-615 wireless router


#9. iBall – WRB 300N Wireless Router

This is the best router

iball WRB300N mimo wireless router


#10. Mi – 3C Wi-Fi Router

This is the best router

mi 3C wireless router


Case Study of a TP-Link Router Under 1000

Currenlty, we are using two budgeted routers, one for office and another for home. We the level of performance and results that we have collected in the last 14 months.

Moreover, we have also covered an important part for you if you are willing to buy a router under 1000.

Similarly, when I had to choose the best wifi router under 1000 for my own, few doubts knocked- like range, quality and speed.

Buying a wifi router out of of models can be a tough choice but when you have some basic information then it becomes easier for you.

Capture two factors yourself, one is you should not worry about the speed factor as these routers are capable enough to deliver maximum speed.

Second, the most important aspect is the area of connectivity you are likely to cover with high range of internet because the area can affect the strength of connectivity.

We personally have tested WR840N model in our current office on fiber line connection. Currently, we are using approx. 8-10 gadgets and 2 TVs with Netflix subscription on live streaming together.

Image 2: of a current wifi router

Since we have been using it for more than a year we have not found any buffering issues or weaken signals across the place.

The total area is about 900 to 1200 sq. ft and we use gadgets on top of the roof.

Working just AWESOME!

We have extracted top-rated wireless routers and come up with the list of top 10 wifi routers under 1000 in India.

Features in Routers Under 1000- A Basic Buying Guide


You should be aware that how much speed are you getting from your service providers, we usually do not know the actual speed that being delivered to us.

Almost every wifi router that comes under Rs 1000 official marked 300 Mbps speed test but It can deliver 150-200 Mbps without interruption.

Coverage Area (Range)

Make sure you already have measured the area to be acquired with internet connectivity. Generally, you can access wifi services for 2bhk (1000 sqft) areas with these wifi routers. So be sure that your coverage area comes under 1000 sq ft.


Few of you would love to connect with PC or laptop with LAN so you get that option too. Plugin LAN cables with a wifi router and enjoy high-speed internet.


Most of the routers under 1000 budget provide you 2.4 GHz frequency. It means you get a medium range with large coverage



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