5 Best Wifi Routers Under ₹2000 in India (2022) | Dual-Band 5GHz

While searching for the best wireless router under 2000 rupees budget we had to figure out why you purposefully needed a mid-range Wi-Fi router only.

We observed that HD streaming, video conferencing, and playing online games are such highly intensive wifi-based tasks that can’t be handled with a regular router.

best wifi router under 2000

Today, nobody wants to face those old buffering issues as work from home is becoming a mandate for all of us and we have to manage everything from home only in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Won’t it be a good option to buy the best 5 GHz dual-band router available on the same budget below 2000 INR?

You would also need; good internet service providers like Airtel, ACT, or any local one in your area. Secondly, a good internet plan and finally, a router which can fulfill bandwidth-intensive tasks across your place.

No matter if you are on broadband or installed a fast-forward fiber-line connection our picks of “best wifi router under 2000” will bring you to a conclusion at the end.

Either you work from home or your study from home what all you need is high-speed wifi connectivity

Important Note: We have done a rating based survey and found the best reasonable dual-band router under ₹2000 category what comes with some outstanding features like:

  • Wifi speed up to 867 Mbps
  • Support 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz
  • Best for HD video streaming over devices
  • Four innovative antennas for maximum wifi coverage
  • IPv6 internet protocol for secure connections
  • 102Gbps dual-band connections
  • You will get 3 years warranty


rupees 2000 router for home use

TP-link C50 is true No. #1 after considering all the necessary factors for a router below 2000 bucks. What our team liked the most was the router can turn even a BSNL fiber connection into a blazing fast-speed machine.

Seamless streaming!

Note: Earlier we recommended the best wifi router in India under 1500 for home use now TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200 is the highest recommended wifi router below 2000 rupees in India.

Best WiFi Router Under 2000 in India

#1. Mercusys AC1200 Gigabit Router

Price on Amazon – “Router that supports full home entertainment with extensive wifi speed”

Wi-fi Speed: Up to 1200 Mbps | Antennas: 4x External | Connector Type: Wireless | Ethernet Port: 3x Fast Ethernet | CPU Processor: Dual-band | Wireless Range: Approx 900 sq. Ft.

Mercusys is a new brand for Indians but the built-up quality is not new to us because TP-link is the core manufacturer of the Mercusys dual-band gigabit routers in India.

mercusys ac1200 gigabit wireless home router

Mercusys router comes with four external 5dBi antennas which can cover appx. 500 meters range theoretically; the result may vary too. 5dBi antennas have replaced 2dBi antennas in recent technological changes.

Mercusys AC1200 comes with dual-band frequency 2.4GHz and 5GHz where 2.4Ghz plays the role of a wifi extender and 5Ghz works as a high signal booster. However, both combinations bring you a total wifi speed of up to 1200 Mbps. So speed should not be a problem for you.

With 1200Mbps speed you can watch 4K videos with buffering, conferencing can be done easily, and If your kids love downloading all such tasks become super handy.

LAN ports work where the wireless connectivity gets disturbed. You will get one WAN port and three LAN ports where you can connect up to three devices directly as wired cable connection with your laptops or PC to overcome the weak wifi signals.

Things to Consider:

  • You get advanced features like Tag VLAN, IGMP Proxy/Snooping, and Bridge for a smooth transfer rate.
  • You get an SSID (Webpage setup) to install the router quickly.
  • You get 2X2 MIMO which increases transmission rates between router and gadgets.
  • Guest network mode keeps the network secure.
  • Get connectivity up to 60 devices simultaneously.
  • Security technologies like WPA/WPA2 encryption

Best for: Anyone who is looking for a router that can work as a full home entertainment guard then Mercusys router has IPTV Hi-resolution video streaming option which can connect your Smart TV directly to the internet.

Best 5 GHz Dual Band Wifi Router Under 2000

#2. TP-Link AC1200 Archer C50 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Price on Amazon – “Amazon’s no. #1 choice & best for bufferless HD streaming & video conferencing”

Wi-fi Speed: Approx. 1.2 Gbps | Antennas: 4x External | Connector Type: Wireless | Ethernet Port: 4x Fast Ethernet | CPU Processor: Dual-band | Wireless Range: 450 sq. ft.

TP-link AC1200 Archer C50 wireless dual-band router comes with four antennas which can deliver Wi-Fi speed up to 1200Mbps with a combination of 300Mbps with support of 2.5Ghz and 867Mbps with 5Ghz. You can cover a larger area up to 3000 sq. ft. (2 BHK) with a substantial range over your gadgets.

tp-link ac1200 archer C50 dual band wifi router

The router supports 802.11 ac next-generation IEEE standards which have high throughput wireless local area networks on the 5 GHz band. Such technology has specialized for heavy online gaming and HD video streaming purposes. You can connect 12 to 14 devices at a time.

Archer AC1200 comes with multifunctional interfaces with one WAN port, one USB port, and 4 LAN ports. However, Archer1200 supports RJ45 ISP connectivity which works with broadband or fiber line connections, not RJ11, which is used for a BSNL connection.

TP-Link Archer is a dual-band Wi-Fi router that has a 1.2Gbps data transfer speed. The router is three times faster to handle bandwidth-intensive tasks with a stable wireless connection.

Things to Consider:

  • Latest internet protocol IPv6 that keeps the track of IP address
  • The guest network that gives them secure access to wi-fi use
  • Easy setup through Tether App offers options to manage the router.
  • Parental control option that has administrator features.
  • Dual working modes as “Router” and wi-fi extender as “Access point mode”.

Best for We recommend you TP-Link AC1200 as the router comes with upgraded wifi technologies and maximum signal strength. The router supports FHD video streaming for smart TVs, online gaming, and conference video calling too which proves AC1200 the best dual-band router below 2k in India.

#3. D-Link AC750 DIR-816 Dual Band Router

Price on Amazon – “D-link’s first best router below 2000 budget for video streaming and casual browsing”

Wi-fi Speed: Up to 750 Mbps | Antennas: 3x External | Connector Type: RJ-45 | Ethernet Port: 4x Fast Ethernet | CPU Processor: Dual-band | Wireless Range: 450 sq. ft.

D Link 816 dual band wifi router uses the advanced wireless AC technology to perform the lightning-fast speed with 10/100 fast Ethernet ports. Also, to prioritize the bandwidth allocation towards your favorite applications you can use the QoS engine.

d link ac750 dir-816 dual band wireless router under 2000

AC750 can operate two concurrent speed wifi bands- 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz. You can understand the terms like, if you have a small place then 5GHz band force to deliver the maximum speed. However, 2.5Ghz forces to spread the wifi range within the area you live in.

D-Link DIR 816 comes with three antennas that boost the wi-fi signal strength and extend the wi-fi range over a long distance with 750Mbps speed of internet.

You will get four LAN ports where you can operate wired connections to play gaming consoles or direct benefit of wired speed and a single WAN port gives you the option to create a wifi hub network.

AC750 dual band router does not come with DSL technology if you are looking for a router for a BSNL connection you must go for an ADSL router only. RJ-45 can support only fiber line connections without a need for a modem.

Things to Consider

  • DDS technical support for quick response to router replacement-related queries.
  • WPA/WPA2 security features to secure the network from useless traffic.
  • Wifi protected setup (WPS) device security feature
  • 3 years of warranty

Best for: As we compare technology-wise there are other routers too which have very advanced features compared to D-Link AC750. But if you have a pre-installed modem and need a router for higher performance for BSNL connection then AC750 can be a good choice.

Best Router for BSNL Under 2000

#4. TP-Link WA901ND Wireless Access Point (Not a Router)

Price on Amazon – “Excess point for BSNL users which works like wifi extender”

Wi-fi Speed: Up to 450 Mbps | Antennas: 3x External | Connector Type: RJ-11 | Ethernet Port: Single Ethernet | CPU Processor: Single band | Wireless Range: 200 sq. ft.

TP-link WA901ND is a wireless n access point or WAP that means the router is a physical device that works as a bridge between wired connections operates like a Hub or features like web-based encryption.

tp-link wa901nd adsl wireless access point below 2000 rupees

Note: TP-link WA901ND is not a router it is a router-based access point that means if you need a device that can extend the router coverage up to 30 meters with an existing router.

Moreover, you can use WA901ND as a wifi extender and Multi-SSID mode which works through creating multiple wireless networks to provide various security, it is an advanced feature.

As TP-links router never compromises with security features, WA901ND comes with WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK encryption features which give an advanced level of security to your wireless network at a push of the WPA button given in the router.

Now come to wifi speed, you will get 450Mbps speed transmission across your place with wifi communication standards “IEEE-802.11g, 802.11b, and 802.11n” which means Tp-Link WP901ND can operate through 2.5Ghz bandwidth & support wireless data transfer rate up to 50-100Mbps.

TP links also support Passive PoE which means you will be able to get the wifi speed even 100 meters away from it is located through Poe. You need to connect the wire to the power socket which gives electricity and then plugin LAN cables to your laptop or PC, to provide longer connectivity.

Things to Consider:

  • RJ-11 Ethernet port for a broadband connection.
  • Three 5dBi detachable omnidirectional antennas for broader coverage
  • Get extra wifi to reach up to 30 meters using power over ethernet injector

Best for: If you already have a router at home but facing signal issues across the area then you can buy a TP-link access point that can extend the range of existing wireless routers.

#5. Tenda FH303 Wi-Fi Router

Price on Amazon – “Router has RJ11 cable for telephone connection, not for fiber line”

Wi-fi Speed: Up to 300 Mbps | Antennas: 3x External | Connector Type: RJ-11 | Ethernet Port: 3x Fast Ethernet | CPU Processor: Single band | Wireless Range: 150 sq. ft.

Tenda N300 comes with a single band frequency of 2.4 GHz which provides you connection speed of up to 300 Mbps, and this is sufficient speed if you’re looking for a wi-fi router for your home or small office because it allows for wireless range connectivity up to 150 sq ft.

tend fh303 adsl wireless router

If we talk about its LAN ports, then this router comes with 3 LAN ports so you can connect three office computers directly from it and can get a faster speed than wireless connectivity. Also, it has one single WAN port to put the main broadband cable in it.

Comes with three antennas with 5dBi capacity and its antennas increase the coverage range of the wireless connectivity along with universal repeater and make the signal very strong so that you can enjoy the fastest speed internet with this wi-fi router.

Also, it comes with full security and has a WPS button. It would help if you pushed the WPS button to secure your connection.

Things to Consider:

  • High-powered amplifier for adjustable transmission.
  • Three external antennas for extended signals

Best for Tenda is not the best as compared to TP-link or D-link routers but still having RJ11 connectivity makes the router perfect for use with a telephone cable. You should prefer Tenda in case you have a BSNL connection installed at your home.


1. Which is the best wi-fi router under 2k for residential use?

You must expect at least a dual-band router because the use of smart TVs, laptops, and work from home trends need strong signals, TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200 dual-band router would be the best one for office or home use.

2. What factors need to be checked while purchasing a router?

In many cases, you need to look for ethernet ports (RJ45 or RJ11), bandwidth (2.5GH or 5Ghz), security features like guest network or WPA. Make sure what area you want to be equipped with wifi range, on that basis you should check the connectivity range, and sometimes your internet service provider plays an important role than a router.

3. How to get the long-range connectivity with a router setup?

First of all, you have to understand the entire area where the router will be set up. Secondly, make sure there are very few concrete walls around the router, and finally, the placement of the router should be within the range provided by the brand or manufacturer.

4. Which is the best gaming router under a 2k budget and what a gamer should see when buying a router?

Well, you should go with a router that has a dual-band frequency with 5Ghz. TP-Link C50 would be the right choice as the router gives 1200Mbps speed. A good high-speed internet plan especially fiber line high-end wifi connectivity is best for gaming. 5dBi antennas make and MIMO technology are two features that every gamer should check for uninterrupted wifi signals


Before you consider the features, wifi speed, and budget of your router, you have to elect for a maximum internet speed plan from your internet service provider for best results.

Now, if you are using a fiber line internet connection then we will put TP-link archer c50 AC1200 as the best router under 2000 range. The combination makes the router stronger even when you are playing online games or watching web series on Netflix, you would love the speed.

However, Mercusys AC1200 dual-bank is also giving direct competition to TP-link C50 because of its design and authentic security features. Whoever already used the D-links router then they should go with “D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750” because the router is the upgraded version.

Now for BSNL users who already have a router but do not get the proper wifi signals and range, TP-LINK TL-WA901ND wireless access point would be the right choice for you.

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