Best WiFi Router in India [2019] : Review & Buyer’s Guide

Let us figure out the role of the internet and how the best wifi router can bring you that uninterrupted connectivity all over the place.

best wifi router

Usually, our morning starts with checking up default notifications on mobile and messages on Whatsapp and Facebook, isn’t it?

Never the less, how can we ignore software updates on windows, mac and other regular devices. The latest movies downloads, live streaming on TV heavy file downloads increase wifi usage at the most.

We are surrounded by gadgets like Alexa, Laptops, iPad, Mac, Smartphone and home gadgets that need the internet all the time.

Trust me, having just a wifi internet connection is not enough as wifi connectivity depends on the type of wifi router and its signal strength.

Buying a router out of many routers available in the market can be so confusing for a newbie. You must read the entire article thoroughly before making your final decision of buying the best wifi router for your home or office.

First thing first, You may not go wrong if you can answer these points, write your answers somewhere.

Nowadays, Fiber connections are dominating standard wifi connection. If you have a fiber connection you require RJ-45 port in wifi router other then that you need an ADSL router. Ask your service provider what the connection you have.
Number of Devices
You may have a huge list of gadgets everywhere at home, make a list of devices you probably want to be connected at any time.
Connectivity Area
Either you are living in a single 2 BHK apartment in a metro city or recently have started an office startup, knowing the area of connectivity for different devices in the maximum range across your place will give you an idea of what range of wifi router you need.
Monthly Budget
You should always know how much money you will be spending monthly on the internet, you need to fix a mid-way budget so you can opt right internet plan.
Usage of the Internet
Few people are hardcore internet users and some are very limited to their daily usage so pay accordingly, for example, if you consume 50-100 GB then opt limited plan and if you need more GB per day then choose unlimited internet plan.
Internet Speed
Now you also get an option to pay as per internet speed like 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps and more. It won’t affect the router speed but the rate of Mbps speed you will be getting on your devices will be as per your plan only.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
You have to find the best ISP in your area as some internet providers are worst in service internet keep disconnecting during day or week on a frequent basis and sometimes you are not given the speed as per your plan.

We recommend you to use USB port wifi router in such cases where you can plug in your data card as a wifi router.

Duel Band Vs Single Band Router
Don’t ever go with single bank router. IEEE 802.11ac standards along with dual-band router can give deliver that next-generation technology in terms of speed and different gadgets connectivity.
We need more antennas for more enhancement of wifi signals so you are gonna buy at lease a two antennas router for sure in our given list.

Do not get overwhelmed with the price tags of different routers instead of focus on the speed plan and area range or distance you want all your devices connected. Now, If you have concluded all the above point you may proceed to the next step!

Best WiFi Routers in India

#1. TP-Link TL-WR845N- Best Router Under 1000 Budget

What you need in a router under 1000 rupees that can accommodate 3 antennas &  wifi speed up to 300 Mbps. let’s count on benefits of TP-Link WR845N wifi router.

  • You can connect 12-14 devices at a time that is the maximum you get out of TL-WR845 model.
  • Ideally, 1000-1500 Sqft. area can be occupied with wifi signals at your place which is great in such price range.
  • 2.4 GHz with 802.11bgn standards helps you to connect more advanced devices.
  • Ethernet cable RJ-45 fully supported, not mobile line or ADSL routers.
  • Easy setup, parental control, and guest network feature enhance the reliability of the router.
  • You can even connect your CCTV with this router, which isn’t a small packet overloaded with many features.

As per TP-link good book, WR845 model is best for small office use as limited staff with limited connectivity. Never the less, if you are planning to install for home use then HD streaming, video gaming and making VoIP for best use.

As far as security is concerned, you have parental control, WPA2 encryptions to prevent outside issues, WPS setup button and gust network for separate wifi connectivity for others except for family network.

Still, you have any doubt you can comment below, we will provide you the best of the available options you can get around.

Best for: Try and tested, you will get maximum coverage around 40 meters of areas with wall and other signal disturbance. Go with it if you are looking for a cheap and best router in a few bucks spending.

#2. D-Link DSL-2750U- Best ADSL Router for BSNL & MTNL

Note: D-link 2750U is suitable for BSNL, MTNL or ADSL connections only that support RJ-11 port and not RJ-45. If you have a fiber connection then avoid buying this router.

In the rest part of India, the popularity of users of BSNL, MTNL and Airtel broadband (which is a phone line connection, not fiber) connections are extremely high so keeping that thing in mind we have added a D-Link-2750U as the best router for ADSL user in India.

  • In terms of download speed, D-Link 2750U will amaze you with downloading speed up to 24 Mbps hight speed downloading router.
  • ADSL2 and 2+ technology that enables this router for dual-use as modem plus router.
  • You will get 4 inbuilt LAN ports that help users to connect more PCs or laptops directly using LAN cable.
  • Dual antennas, a good looking interface, and 2.4 GHz to 2.484 GHz frequency make it a more powerful router for home use.
  • BSNL broadband router with easy installation setup, however, disconnecting signals sometimes might be an issue.

Now talk encryption technologies, you will get WPA/WPA2, WEP, Total Security & QoS, user access control and Firewall protection that enables advanced security features for your internet connection some of them are MAC address binding which means there is some set of IP that only can send and receive data, IP address filtering and a strong Firewall protocol for internet security for different access.

Speed, you will get up to 300 Mbps which is not true you will get the maximum speed that your internet plan commits up to 300 Mbps as my internet service provider is giving me 50 Mbps speed so I will get only 50 Mbps or up to 50 Mbps, not 300 Mbps… got it!

802.11n/g/b wireless devices are good at providing HD streaming (1 Mbps upstream High-Performance), video conferencing, online gaming and high-speed wireless connections are possible with this router, don’t worry.

You will get 3 years of warranty with D-link that has great customer support function including replacements.

Best for: Any user who has Airtel Broadband, MTNL or BSNL wifi connection at home or office- Must Buy router for them. We strongly do not recommend this router if you have latest fiber line connections in India.

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Suitable for bestVideo Streaming, High-Speed Downloading & for GamingWatching Videos, Email & Internet Browsing
Router operating frequency2.5 GHz, 5 GHz2.4 GHz
Best suitable for the long area, like an apartment?Absolutely PerfectNo, not at all
WiFi signal strengthVery StrongMedium
Number of users/devices to be connectedHuge Nos DevicesVery Few
Area or range of internet connectivity requiredVery Large AreaSmall
WiFi Router budgetRs. 3000 to 10000Rs 800 to 2500

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Which is the best WiFi router for home use?
Pick from the above list- measure the area of coverage, number of devices and your budget. TP-Link and Netgear are the best manufacturers of wireless routers all over the world. You can choose TP-Link best selling wifi routers above the list.
1. Which is the best ADSL modem with WiFi in India?
Netgear D500 N150 WiFi DSL Built-in ADSL2 router would be the best one if you are looking for an ADSL router for your home.
2. Which is the best WiFi router under 2000 for residential use?
Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router would be the right choice for you.
3. Which is the best WiFi router under 1500 for home or office?
TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless-N450 Router is one of the best-selling wifi routers in India under 1500.
4. Which is the best Wifi router under 1000 for a small area?
We strongly recommend you TP-Link TL-WR840N 300 Mbps Wireless router.
5. Do we have any wifi router Jio brand?
JioFi 4G Hotspot JMR815 150 Mbps Jio 4G Portable WiFi data device.
6. Which one is good 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps?
It depends on what speed and range you need. We would suggest 300 Mbps wifi routers as there is very little difference in price between 150 & 300 Mbps wifi routers.
7. Which is the best wifi router for the long-range?
The list is too big, check for your area and range you need and pick from the above one as per the range we have given. All long-range wifi routers are good.
8. Do we have any MI wifi router on the list?
No, but you yes you can go for it. We recommend TP-link and Netgear but if you are a Mi lover and use Mi products then you know better. We can suggest Mi 3C Router if you are looking Mi brand.
We have tried to conclude all best wifi routers in our list which are currently selling like hot cake and have maximum reviews got from actual buyers.
Just pick the one which comes under your budget as we have chosen the best product.

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