PUBG Mobile Got Banned in India (02-Sep-2020)

PubG Mobile got Banned in India

Yes, The Ministry of Information and Technology has taken a major action against 118 other mobile apps along with PUBG Mobile today.

The most popular game in India, PubG India has no other option to keep it continue on playstore.

PUBG Mobile Got Banned in India

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However, Affairs also delivered a recommendation for penalizing those contentious apps. From the public domain also, there’s been a strong need to take rigorous action against cellular applications that hurt India’s sovereignty in addition to the privacy of taxpayers.

By elements hostile to domestic security and protection of India, that finally impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is an issue of very deep and immediate consideration that requires emergency steps,” the announcement said.

The A number of 118 programs are prohibited from the ministry of information and technologies, according to an official announcement. The banned cellphone “The set of the data, it is mining and profiling The Ministry of electronic equipment and information technology received many complaints from several sources such as reports regarding the abuse of several cellular programs on Android and iOS platforms.

Programs are prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity, protection of India and people order, ” the ministry stated.


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